At Pro-Motion Physical therapy  we complete a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation from which a customized treatment plan is developed.  Manual hands-on techniques along with functional exercises and modalities are utilized.  One-on-one care is provided to guide patients through their treatment, allowing them to attain maximal benefits from physical therapy and a rapid return to function.



At Pro-Motion Physical Therapy our physical therapists have specialized training to provide a thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan in pelvic floor dysfunction of men, women, and children.  Manual techniques, exercises and modalities (including biofeedback) are utilized to reduce or eliminate pelvic pain and/or weakness, and restore pelvic floor function.



At Pro-Motion Physical Therapy we provide a thorough neurological evaluation from which a customized treatment plan is developed.  Canalith (“crystals”) re-positioning, habituation/adaptation, and gaze stabilization exercises are utilized along with balance and fall prevention techniques to allow patients to recover or adjust, and return to function.



At Pro-Motion Physical Therapy our bike fitting is designed to fit your bike to your unique body architecture to maximize power, efficiency, and comfort, as well as reduce the risk of injury.  A bike fit at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy includes:  a pre-fit interview regarding your cycling goals, prior injuries, and areas of discomfort while riding; a body assessment, including strength, flexibility, and movement patterns on and off the bike; a multidimensional analysis of your body mechanics based on your continuous feedback and interface with your bike; an exercise program designed to improve deficiencies that present during your physical assessment; and a follow up consultation.


OTHER SERVICES:  Lymphedema Care, Dry Needling

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